Twirling freely on an old familiar dirt road visiting family in Western Oklahoma.

Twirling freely on an old familiar dirt road visiting family in Western Oklahoma.


I crave the way soft natural light gently caresses the human form.  How the wind whispers through a strand of hair, nudging it to take flight.  How a child's wisdom and wonder radiate from their little face.  How things forgotten become things remembered.  How emotion can be felt through time and space.  When the last light of day turns everything magic.  Where reality and imagination collide to create visual poetry.  When a still, quiet photograph becomes something much more.



I'm quiet, observant, honest, and I don't like shoes. 

I'm married to an incredibly talented man who is way too good to me.  We live in The Plains and have a bunch of kids, ages ranging from 4 through 15.  They are loud and mouthy and sweet and messy, and I live for their giggles and hugs.

When I'm not doing mom stuff, I am a maker. I live to create. I am a feeler more than a talker;  I express things better through art rather than words, photographically and otherwise. Until my little ones are a little bigger, my time for these kinds of things is quite limited. But they're only little once and life is short.  Priorities ♥



coffee.  gardening.  braiding sweetgrass.  farmer's markets.  baby giggles.  weeping willows.  sleep.  kittens.  thunderstorms.  hummingbirds.  guacamole.  oklahoma.  thriftshopping.  horses.  lily of the valley.  belly laughter.  netflix.  sunshine.  soft music.  flowy dresses.  windy days.  birdsong.  curiosity.  books.  home.