Mr. Personality. [Athens OH Children's Photography]

My son is already a little heartbreaker. We go to the store, and he flirts with all the women, and tries to hang out with the men like he's a "good ole boy". He's only 18 months old (almost) and knows most of his body parts, says a ton of words, can countdown from 5, runs faster than any little kid under 2, and has the biggest personality of any child I've ever seen. We've got our hands full with this one. Of course, we pretty much already knew that since he began walking at 7 months, which I didn't even know was possible. And the fact that he head bangs and "drops it like it's hot" to any and every song... lol

I never thought I'd want a little boy, til Levi came along. My god he is so much fun! The stank of cheesey poofs and popsicle stickiness is so completely worth it. <3 src="">