Lil Miss Alivia {Athens OH Childrens Photographer}

Last week I received some new cute and girly props and needed an adorable little cutie to come over and help me test them out. Of course little Alivia was first to come to mind :) I worked with her mother for over 9 years, we've watched each other's kids grow from infancy to double digits, so nothing pleases me more than to be able to provide her with timeless memories of those adorable children!

It took a little bit for Alivia to warm up, but once Levi came in to "help", turned on his charm, and scared her half to death with his boyish destruction, she became a little more comfortable. I'm sure that cupcake helped a bit too (hey, i'm all for bribery at the right times;)... Oh, and my husband helped too.. I think she has a crush on him ;) Haha. Unfortunately it was cold and rainy, so we had to shoot indoors, but I'm still pretty pleased with the results... take a peek!