joshelyn smith :: miss earth ohio 2014

This summer I had the pleasure of photographing Joshelyn again for her Miss Earth photos. I have to say, I just love working with former senior clients, and seeing them grow into talented adults! Joshelyn is such an inspirational young woman and positive role model for young girls in our community.  I can't think of a better candidate to represent Ohio! 

I am thrilled with how this shoot came together. Joshelyn's natural beauty and kind personality really made her shine like a true earth goddess! She truly made my job incredibly simple! The evening light was oh so dreamy and really accentuated her strength and femininity, revealing beautiful golden regal tones. Upon arriving at our location, we were overwhelmed with the glorious scent of honeysuckle in bloom.  So we tracked it down and vined some through her dress and hair.  It was the perfect finishing touch!

I feel privileged to have worked with Joshelyn and wish her the best with her future endeavors!

A little about Joshelyn's Miss earth journey from earlier this summer, posted from her FB page:

"On July 12th, I have the honor and privilege to travel to Los Angeles, California to represent Ohio in the 2014 Miss Earth United States Pageant. The Miss Earth delegates are informed, goal-oriented and committed to playing a part in preserving and protecting the environment for future generations. We will be able to sit down get to know each other and more importantly discuss the environmental problems happening within our states. I think that the most beautiful women are the ones that can embrace their unique beauty, and realize that that there are more pressing matters in the world than just being "pretty". I think a beautiful woman, is a woman with a cause and passion. As a member of the Miss Earth Foundation family, I have consciously chosen to live my life in the public eye, as a result, this makes me a role model to the upcoming generation of girls. I believe that this experience will allow me to continue my love for learning and people while also gaining some interesting perspectives on how I view life. To be around like minded individuals, from all different walks of the earth, that share a common love for saving the world in every way possible, will be a dream come true. I've been preparing all year for this, and these are the behind the scene photos of my progress leading up to the event. Thanks to Evan Skow, the director of Miss Earth United States for continually showing support to me and the other contestants. This journey has encouraged me to gain the confidence and courage to become the woman I have always wanted to be. Regardless of what happens, I feel I have already come so far. I have never pushed myself this hard for anything in my life. I have to thank Kyra Kurt, Jessika Marie Barone, Sara Patton for the amazing photos, you made the magic happen! Jenny Stotts of the Athens County CASA/GAL Program for having me as a volunteer/guest at the Superhero 5k, Maryann from Adena Day Camp, for letting me help out with her amazing Girls Scouts, to the Our Power Campaign leaders for educating me further about my platform, finally to Jen and Michelle at Turtle Hill Farm for teaching me the fundamentals of maintaining garden and sustainable agriculture! Thanks to various Athens establishments and businesses for supporting me! Honestly, it means the world to have the community behind me. Lastly, my mom Regina Smith, who has put just as much preparation into this endeavor as I have. She has designed and sewn my one of a kind gown. Anyways, I'm off to make Ohio proud. Thanks for reading, more photos to come. Wish me luck!"