Spring Awakens - Image #1 in Bloom Series

"The great pulsation of nature beats too in my breast, and when I carol aloud, I am answered by a thousand-fold echo. I hear a thousand nightingales. Spring hath sent them to awaken Earth from her morning slumber, and Earth trembles with ecstasy, her flowers are hymns, which she sings in inspiration to the sun..."  -Heinrich Heine

All images in the Bloom series are shot in the same location in my home on a white wall, and co-star various plants that are currently blooming in my gardens. My goal for this series is simplicity, and to celebrate the beauty of nature.  Each of the Bloom images are available for purchasing signed Fine Art Prints, printed on Watercolour Paper with a 2mm backing for sturdiness and durability. To purchase a print, simply send me a note through the contact section of this site :)