Gymnastics Clinic with Jordyn Wieber || Athens OH Photographer ||

Yesterday, Lia and Hannah got to attend a gymnastics clinic at Lia's gym. The event was put on by the Jason Reed Foundation at Global Gymnastics in Nelsonville. Two Olympic medalists from the USA Gymnastics team were there instructing the girls - Jordyn Wieber (London 2012 Olympics), and Tasha Schwikert (Sydney 2000 Olympics). The girls got to hear Jordyn speak, warm up and practice with both Olympians, get their photos taken with Jordyn, and got an autographed poster of her as well. They had such a good time! I wish I'd have been able to take more photos, but it's a little tricky lugging around a huge camera with a baby on your hip! They are very excited to get the photos back from the event photographer. Thanks to all involved who made this happen, it was such a neat experience for all the young gymnasts. My girls have been practicing out in the garage nonstop since we came home from the clinic!

Hello Spring! || Athens OH Photographer ||

Well, we braved the torture of taking our own family photos again! We packed up and headed to OU because the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom. They are so pretty too! The wind was whispering through the trees, dropping pretty delicate flower petals in our hair. It was really crowded and full of photographers so we had a bit of trouble getting a good spot without a bunch of background clutter, but we did the best we could with 4 kids, a camera remote, and a stepstool! Chris snapped a few of Violet and I nursing and I'm so thankful he did. I will forever cherish these photos once this time is over :)