7 weeks || Athens OHIO Photographer ||

On Monday this little girl became 7 weeks old.   It's crazy how the perception of time is altered in a mother's eyes during and after having a baby.    On one hand, it's as if I just had her a few days ago,  but on the other it's like she's been a part of our family forever.   She's already grown and changed so much in these short weeks.   I don't have a clue what her weight is right now, and wont know til her 2 month checkup at the end of this month,  but I know she's gaining quickly because it seems everytime I put on a new diaper I'm expanding the velcro and snaps to a bigger size.    Or when we go somewhere I'm adjusting the carseat straps again.   Her little arms and legs are getting pretty pudgy and I think that double chin has become tripled.   She's smiling all the time and starting to use her voice with sweet little cooing sounds. Sometimes I turn on our wedding cd and sing to her and she grins and makes noises like she's trying to sing back to me.   At night she sleeps very well, only waking twice to nurse . I just love snuggling with her at night.  That was one of the things I missed most when Levi got bigger.

My sweet girl...

She loves being wrapped in a front carry with my


woven wrap.   I'm still a novice babywearer but am quickly learning the ropes.   It's much harder than it looks for someone with such a short torso!    But I wish I'd had known about these tricks 3 babies ago!   It's like they sprinkle magical coma dust in those things because she's instantly asleep on my chest with her head against my heart.   I haven't yet mastered the back carry yet, but hope to soon so that I can cook a decent dinner again and get more things done around the house during the day!