Twelve and Five || Athens OHIO Photography ||

Lots of birthdays around here! Miss Lia turned 12 on the 13th and Levi turned 5 on the 23rd! We just did small family get togethers this year, with gifts, food, and bad-for-you desserts ;) Lia's big gift was for her bedroom to be made over with green zebra striped bedding and new paint. Levi's big gift was the Millenium Falcon, which is some kind of Star Wars ship. I think his dad is happier about it than he is ;)

Gymnastics || Athens OH Photographer

I took my camera with me to Lia's gymnastics this week and was hoping to get some fun action shots of her doing her tumbling,  but that didn't work out so well.   I was wearing Violet so that made it a little difficult to maneuver myself into shooting positions.    And I didn't want to embarrass Lia with my huge lens, so I kept a pretty big distance.   Anyway,  here's what I got.. maybe next time she'll let me get closer so that I can use my faster lens   ;-)

She's so pretty and graceful up on that beam.    I can't wait til she gets a little more confidence.

And I was going through some old snapshots of when she used to be in gymnastics back in 2004.    She was 3 years old then!    I wish we could have kept her in it all this time,  she'd be so good by now at age 11.

Gymnast || Athens OH Photographer ||

My girl is now a gymnast. After watching the summer olympics this year she begged me to sign her up for gymnastics. She was in cross country last year and really loved it but we had to choose only one because both practices are on the same day. I'm kinda bummed about that because she is such a great runner, and super fast just like her mama. But gymnastics won out between the two, and she's really good at it too! Very graceful, athletic, and has the perfect small frame for it. This is her new leotard that aunt Rachel sent her.

Lia reminds me so much of the character


on that show Make It or Break It. She looks alot like her and has the same quiet and reserved personality too.

See for yourself!