Art Gallery Show

My friends Tim (Silent Shudder Photography) and Kevin (Red Generation Photography) had a gallery show this weekend at Via Vecchia Winery in Columbus. It was so good to get out and see friends. There was live music (The Wet Darlings) and they even had an aerial dancer (Kyra Wagner) performing! It was so cool! Stop by the linked sites and check out their work!

And it appears I have a little artist of my own. Lia disappeared in her room the other day and resurfaced later with this little piece of artwork that she created. I think it's so neat!

Between the Folds

This week we are learning about the Art of Origami. The girls and I watched a film called

Between the Folds, "At its heart, Between the Folds is a film about potential. The potential of an uncut paper square. The potential of a wild scientific idea. The potential to see things differently."

They were then asked to write a report on what they learned. I bought an Origami kit from Hobby Lobby and we sat around one day this week and made lots of pretty little animals, though it was much more difficult than I thought it would be! Even though we had a little difficulty getting some of them figured out, there was something really peaceful about the whole process :)