Icy Ponds & Dumb Dogs

The sunshine is teasing us but it's still pretty cold. But the snow is almost all melted. We've been feeling a little ick the past few days, maybe it's the change in weather or just a little cold, but I thought maybe some good old fashioned sunshine might improve our spirits, so we decided to head to the park for a bit. We took the dog with us thinking she'd love to get out of the house too, which turned out to be a huge mistake. Not only did she vomit in my car, but she also thought it'd be a good idea to jump into the icy pond while on a leash. I had to pull her out by her shoulders in order to not be pulled in with her. Levi cried when she shook the icy wetness off her body and it hit him in the face and I was soaked from the waist down. Lesson learned - some dogs just aren't leash or car material.