Nose Pickin' & Tacky Glue

Everyone's been asking about the progress of Lia's dollhouse, so today while Levi was watching Sprout I snapped a few photos of some parts and pieces and the furniture Lia spent her birthday money on.

The first image is the foundation of the house - I painted the porch today. Second photo is the little rails that go in the porch railing, which I had to paint each by rubbing between two sponges.

Foundation and trim. We really have to sand, paint, measure and cut each piece to fit.

Box of recently painted and assembled items: windows, stairs, chimney, etc.


Doors, which I have not painted yet.

The house and color scheme she picked out of the magazine.

Mostly everyone got her money or gift cards to Hobby Lobby for her birthday specifically for her to buy dollhouse accessories. This is what she chose:

Dining Room set:


Living Room:



Wood flooring, carpets, and wallpaper:

Other than painting the little bit I did, today was mostly spent playing with Levi. He is in love with root beer, or anything that comes from a brown bottle. I gave him some today and he spilled it down the front of him and came running toward me and said "Mommy, my weina! Spilled pock on my weina!" And I looked, and sure enough, he had brown liquid running down his big belly into his diaper. LOL. Ahhh, that kid keeps me smiling.