Spray Paint & Orange Juice

Well, today was pretty uneventful aside from the fact I think I got a little high on spray paint fumes. This dollhouse is becoming quite a chore. I suppose I'm glad I didn't know how much work it actually entailed ahead of time, otherwise we never would have bought it for Lia. I painted all the siding, walls, stairs, windows, and shutters today. Phew did that stink. I feel like it's lingering in my pores.

Grandma Lynn came to visit today, which was nice. We haven't got to see her since Christmas due to Jimmy's decline in health. Levi was showing off for her, as usual, and every little neighborhood girl on the block was over playing in the backyard. They made forts and dug holes in the yard. They even pulled out some of my sprouting daffodils, which did not make me very happy.

Chris made a trip to the grocery store and came back with about 90% organic food! Aww I'm so proud of him! And so happy he is supportive of the decision to try and eat healthier since having watched the film Food, Inc. I facebooked my feelings about that HERE. And then we watched New Moon, again, because no matter how retarded you may think it is, we all still love it.

And, I supposed that sums up the day in the Patton household. :)