Swedish Fish & Pizza Parties

Today Levi and I ran some errands and stopped by the pet store. (I'm completely against pet stores, how they care for, and where they get their animals for the record)... But I wanted to see Levi's face light up at all the animals since he's never been to the zoo yet. He ran around that place like a crazy man! We petted a puppy and it licked his face, so Levi screamed "Owww puppy!! My FACE!" Haha. He is so funny. Then he started following some random man around the store telling him a story about his jacket. Poor guy had no clue what he was saying, but he played along. I thought about purchasing a large cage or aquarium, but not for any pet. Haha.

Lia's been having some problems in reading because, well, she hates to read. So for the past several months we've made it mandatory for her to come home and read for an entire hour every day before she can have any privileges. We said as soon as she reads 40 chapters, she can have a pizza party. And Friday she finally hit it! And according to her progress reports her grade is improving as well. Yay!

And Hannah saw my camera out and wanted in on the action too :)