I don't know why I never used cloth diapers with my other children. They are so super soft and so much cuter than disposables! I did alot of research before making the decision to use them with baby Violet and while they may be kind of expensive up front, it saves so much in the long run. It's not as difficult as I expected either. I mostly chose the pocket diapers and you just stuff them with a microfiber insert, kinda like stuffing a pillowcase. I got a few fitteds with covers too and I really like those for nighttime. I love that most of them are "one-size" and will fit her up to 35 pounds. Chris installed a high pressure sprayer in our utility sink so that I can rinse them out before they go into the pail, then I wash every other day. I had a few choice words for my HE washer while trying to figure out a washing routine, but I've finally got it down.

Here are my favorite brands and my stash thus far:

Bum Genius


Happy Heinys


Fuzzi Bunz

Happy Flute

Baby City

Laundry day-

I took a bunch of old receiving blankets and t-shirts to cut up for wipes. I soak them with purified water and add a little Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel for the cleansing solution, throw them in a tupperware bowl, and it works great! Smells good too!